Vet Nursing and Animal Care

CPD for Veterinary Nurses

Notes for Nurses (42)

1.Veterinary Nurse and Technician SeminarProf Philip Anthony Moses and Ms. Anita ParkinFriday 21st August 2015 Nurse  Physiotherapy 2015.pdf Dressings and Bandage 2015.pdf BAS 2015.pdf The use of IV fluids in small animal practice 2015.pdf CPR 2015.pdf Analgesia 2015.pdf Anaesthesia for Special Patients 2015.pdf Nutrition and use of feeding tubes 2015.pdf
2.Veterinary Nurse Dermatology SeminarDr Rebekah WestermeyerWednesday 28th January 2015 (Seminar time: 8pm-10:30pm) Understanding and working with allergic Patients for nurses.pdf
3.Vet Assistant / Nurse
Rehabilitation Seminar
Ms. Dawn JonesTuesday 9th December 2014 (Seminar time: 8pm-10:30pm) Physical Rehabilitation Approach to Orthopaedic Disorders.pdf The Scope of Animal Physical Rehab and integration into  Practice.pdf HKVA Presentation.pdf
4."Dealing with the trauma patient"; "Respiratory emergencies; heat, heart and hypoxia"; "Helping with head injuries"; "My pet just ate....what now?"Dr Dominic BarfieldMonday 29th September 2014 (7pm-10:30pm) Dealing with the trauma patient 29.9.14.pdf
5."Dealing with Emergencies, How to Apply Dressings, Physiotherapy following Surgery"Professor Philip Anthony MosesSunday 6th April 2014 Trauma Management 2013.pdf Nurse  Physiotherapy.pdf GDV current approach 2014.pdf Bandage 2014.pdf
6.Cytology for the Veterinary NurseDr. Jennifer L. BrazzellThursday 10th October 2013 Nurses Urinalysis, Ear, Fecal Cytology.pdf Nurses Sample Collection, Processing, Submission.pdf
7.Surgical Evenings for Veterinary AssistantsProf. Philip Moses & Ms Anita ParkinTuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd October 2013 Post Operative Nursing 2013.pdf Anaesthetic Complications.pdf Anaesthesia Notes.pdf Pre-operative nursing notes.pdf Theatre Protocols 2013.pdf Analgesia.pdf
8.'Complications and Emergencies in Anaesthesia'Dr Dominic BarfieldWednesday 6th February 2013 HKVA Complications and Emergencies in Anaesthesia.pdf
9.'Personal reflections and professional directions' 'Neutering early: the pros and cons' Ms Sue Badger & Prof Sue GregoryWednesday 23rd January, 2013 Early Neutering Sue Gregory Jan 2013.pdf
10.Workshop: Veterinary Dentistry for Veterinary Nurses and TechniciansDr Cedric LC TuttWednesday 5, Thursday 6 September 2012 (Includes entry to the seminar as well) Equipping and maintaining a veterinary dental operatory.pdf Dental Radiography.pdf Clinical examination and routine prophylaxis.pdf