Animal Welfare

Tear Gas Concerns

The Hong Kong Veterinary Association is concerned to hear reports of hospitalized animals in a veterinary clinic being affected by tear gas during the recent demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Tear gas contains aerosolized compounds which works to irritate mucus membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs.

Pets that are inadvertently affected by these aerosolised compounds may exhibit the following clinical signs:

  • tearing (crying)
  • redness of eyes
  • squinting
  • face rubbing
  • drooling (hypersalivation)
  • open mouth breathing
  • coughing
  • retching or vomiting

Pet owners are recommended at this point to do the following:

  • close all windows of their home when a confrontation is expected to occur in the vicinity.
  • turn on all available exhaust fan to draw out as much contaminated air as possible
  • stop fans from blowing
  • air-conditioning may be kept on to provide a cool environment to prevent overheating
  • wear gloves prior to touching your pet

The Association recommends at this point that affected animals be managed and decontaminated as below:

  • thoroughly rinse affected areas with clean water or physiologic saline 0.9%
  • thoroughly rinse or wipe paws with clean water or physiologic saline 0.9% to avoid further contact contamination from feet to face
  • mop floor immediately to stop further contamination

For pets that exhibit more severe reaction to the exposure of such chemicals, the following recommendation applies:

  • open mouth breathing patients should be rinsed thoroughly to decontaminate and cooled down to prevent hyperthermia (overheating)
  • stay calm and keep the pet calm
  • if possible, bring to the nearest veterinary clinic for assessment and treatment.

We are also concerned that Police Dogs are at the forefront of Police activities sometimes involving the use of tear gas. The Police dogs do not appear to be equipped with any protective gear, unlike their human counterparts.

As an organization of veterinary professionals, we are very concerned about the health and welfare of these working animals. We urge that these working dogs be given protective gears while on active duty or be entirely excluded from Police events that may involve the deployment of tear gas.

Finally, we urge all parties involved to exercise restraint to minimize collateral damage on innocent citizens and animals during this difficult time for Hong Kong.

香港獸醫恊會 Hong Kong Veterinary Association 對近日媒體報導指有獸醫診所內留院的寵物受到催淚煙影響表示極度關注.

催淚煙是一種白色粉末, 可以經爆炸釋放出催淚劑. 此化學物對動物可造成的影響及徵狀大致如下:

  • 流眼水 / 眼紅
  • 瞇眼
  • 不停抓面部
  • 流口水
  • 用口呼吸
  • 咳嗽
  • 嘔吐
  • 噁心感覺


  • 立即關閉家裡的窗戶
  • 開啟家裡的抽氣扇
  • 停止家裡的風扇運作
  • 保持室內冷氣運作避免寵物在過度緊張而情況下過熱
  • 接觸寵物時穿戴手套


  • 用0.9%鹽水或清水徹底沖洗身體
  • 徹底抹淨手 / 腳以免把粒子帶到屋的周邊, 減少污染
  • 徹底抹淨地下, 減少污染

如動物不幸接觸到催淚煙後展示嚴重不良反應, 恊會現時建議:

  • 用口呼吸的動物必須用清水徹底沖洗身體及用清水減低體溫
  • 保持冷靜
  • 盡快帶到就近獸醫診所就診