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Medial Patellar Luxation: A Surgical Conundrum

Date : Wednesday 15th February 2023

Venue : Veterinary Specialty Hospital Kowloon, Hong Kong

Time : Registration & Light Refreshment: 7:00pm~8:00pm; Seminar: 8:00pm~10:30pm

Speaker : Dr. Ross Christopher Elliott

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(before 11:30pm of 14 Feb 2023)
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    • Members : $280
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    • CPD Hours : 2.5

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    • CPD Hours : 2.5

Organizer : The Hong Kong Veterinary Association Ltd.

Medial patellar luxation is a common orthopaedic condition affecting the pelvic limb of the small animal patient. Unfortunately, we still know very little about how medial patellar luxation develops and what the best surgical treatment plan is. The complications rates for surgical correction of medial patellar luxation range from 7-18%, which for an elective orthopaedic procedure is extremely high. Making a diagnosis of medial patellar luxation is relatively easy on the orthoapedic exam, however the underlying cause is often a multitude of soft tissue and bone deformities that will need to be addressed to best manage the condition surgically.

In this talk, we will look into the different types of angular limb deformities that can lead to patellar luxation, taking into account the signalment of the patient and how we can correct each underlying deformity. The hope is that by taking a step-by-step approach addressing the angular deformities contributing to patella luxation, our surgical outcomes will improve.

Speaker's Biography

Dr. Ross Christopher Elliott
BVSc MMedVet

Dr. Ross Elliott is a registered veterinarian in Hong Kong and is a registered South African Veterinary Surgical Specialist. Dr. Ross graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2005. He then entered into a surgical residency at the Bryanston Veterinary Hospital through the University of Pretoria. He completed his residency in small animal surgery in 2011. During this time, he completed a dissertation in the surgical CT anatomy of the canine abdomen, which produced 2 publications in Veterinary Surgery. Ross has been working as a specialist surgeon at the Bryanston Veterinary Hospital as a specialist surgeon.

During this time, Dr. Ross has produced multiple publications in international journals. His main surgical interest lies in total hip replacement surgery, cranial cruciate ligament surgery, elbow dysplasia and medial shoulder instability in canines, new ways to treat patella luxation in dogs, advanced spinal surgery, urogenital surgery, and portosystemic shunt attenuation.

Hope to see you there.
Howie Wong
HKVA CPD Coordinators

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