(Posted 24 May 2022)

Insurance policy survey 2022

The HKVA firmly believes in the need for the individuals of our profession to protect themselves against both legal actions (whether it is a complaint at the veterinary board or in the legal system) and claims against them by clientele. In this regard we have worked with various insurance companies to try and tailor-make professional indemnity cover for our members that can be taken out on an individual or company basis. The HKVA is doing this survey to assess how the profession is protecting itself as well as to remind the profession and especially its members that this is a critical part of protections oneself in your profession and should not be forgotten. HKVA members can access on the member page various insurance companies if they have no indemnity and we strongly recommend they do this.

We encourage you to reply to this survey as it helps us understand the needs of the profession more clearly. NO personal details will be recorded or accessible by anyone else on this survey.

Please here to do the survey.

Kind Regards,
Dr Owen Swan (BVSc Pret)
President of Hong Kong Veterinary Association