(Posted 26 August 2020)

Special offer from CPD-Solutions (Webinars)

Dear Members,

CPD Solutions have agreed to offer the Hong Kong Veterinary Association members a discount of 25% off the following online courses until the end of 2021:-

Online Mini-Series

Online Mini-Series Bundles

Advance25 courses

Live Online Interactive Courses

Members can use the code HKVA25 when they check out to receive their discount.

There is also a time limited offer coming up from 21st September, 2020 - 2nd October, 2020 for 50% off Mini-Series and Mini-Series bundles. If members wish to use the 50% discount during this time the HKVA25 could not be used as well. The code for the 50% discount during 21st September - 2nd October is MS50.


HKVA Executive