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Tuesday 28th February 2012 Veterinary Pathology : Body Cavity & Joint Effusion

Venue : Mariners' Club, 11 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Time : Afternoon Session: 2:00-2:30 pm (Registration), 2:30-5:30 pm (Lecture)

Speaker : Dr. Jennifer L. Brazzell

Cost :
  • Afternoon session only
    • Members : $200
    • Non-Members : $300

Organizer : The Hong Kong Veterinary Association Ltd.

Let's face it, there are still a lot we need to know in clinical pathology! Dr Jennifer Brazzell, specialist in veterinary clinical pathology, will be  presenting the following lectures in Hong Kong,

Body Cavity and Joint Effusions : Causes, Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation (Afternoon Session, 28 Feb 2012)

This all inclusive lecture will cover body cavity effusions from beginning to end. The lecture will focus on the major pathophysiologic mechanisms behind effusion formation and how to couple specific effusion properties to each mechanism. Being able to pair effusion properties to the mechanisms that cause them will allow you rapidly narrow your list of differential diagnoses for each type of effusion and more efficiently diagnose and treat your patient.

Interpretation of Common Endocrinologic Tests (Evening Session, 28 Feb 2012)

Do you find "Stimulation Tests" such as the ACTH stimulation test particularly unstimulating? Do you find "Challenge Tests" such as the bile acid challenge test particularly challenging? This lecture will cover interpretation of most common endocrinologic tests including how to interpret and what to do about those pesty "equivocal" test results we all run in to from time to time.

Dr. Jennifer L. Brazzell
, DVM, Dipl. ACVP

Dr. Jennifer Brazzell is a 2000 graduate of the University of Saskatchewan Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She was formerly a practicing veterinarian and co-owner of two small animal/exotics practices in Canada. She completed her Clinical Pathology residency at the University of Minnesota in 2005 and achieved diplomate status with the American College of Veterinary Pathology the same year. She worked as a diagnostic clinical pathologist for 5½ years before returning to her alma mater to pursue a second residency and graduate studies in Anatomic Pathology in 2010. In addition to her studies, she continues to work as a diagnostic clinical pathologist for Axiom Veterinary Laboratories. Her interests include tick-borne diseases, coagulation, and hematopathology. She has published several scientific papers on these and other topics and has run and participated in several VIN and VSPN Rounds sessions on in-house quality assurance, hematology, and cytology.

Registration fees
Early bird online registration and payment on or before 11:30 pm of  27th February.

Registration and payment at the venue:
Afternoon session only : $400
Evening session only : $500

Hope to see you there :  Jane McNae & Tint Naing : CPD Coordinators

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For enquiries please forward to secretariat@medcom.com.hk

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Dr Brazzell's pathology lectures are proudly and generously sponsored by Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Limited and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet.