Hong Kong Practice Requirements

For veterinary surgeons seeking to work in Hong Kong, this is a brief overview of relevant information. It is not exhaustive and further details should be sought from the relevant authorities.

Current job vacancies in Hong Kong (as well as veterinary surgeons seeking work) are advertised in the Classifieds Section.

Veterinary Surgeons Board (VSB): The VSB is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons seeking to practice in Hong Kong. A guide to applicants is available from the VSB site. The process of registration can take several weeks to months.

Immigration Department: Non Hong Kong citizens need an employment visa to work in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. This visa is linked to a specific employer and needs to be arranged PRIOR to your entry into Hong Kong. Processing of a visa application will be done in conjunction with your employer and generally takes a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks. Information on employment visa requirements can be found here.

Inland Revenue Department (IRD): The IRD is responsible for collecting taxation in Hong Kong. Broadly speaking, salaries tax is a flat 17% and there is no VAT/GST. Tax is payable annually and provisional tax is paid in installments. There is no Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system in place, so you need to budget for your tax bill.