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(Posted 13 May 2022)

Positions Vacant: Veterinary Assistant

It is with great pleasure that we announce an availability for an enthusiastic, patient and client orientated veterinary assistant. Our clinic has been around a long, long time and with that time we have gotten older and wiser, we understand that general practice should be the home of the veterinary heart. A place where you are able to care deeply and exercise your passion for your patients, which is why we are creating an environment where you can be an individual in a family group, where you will be encouraged to grow and challenge yourself.

With the guidance of Dr. Owen Swan, President of the HKVA, and his fantastic team of vets and nurses you will be supported and inspired.


  • Good command of both spoken and written English and Cantonese (Mandarin is also desirable but a healthy sense of humour will suffice).
  • Work hard and play hard, the workload is consistent, but we strive to enjoy it, spending 10 hours a day at work is a large part of your life and we will endeavour to keep the environment light-hearted.
  • 3 Years or more experience will be ideal.
  • Basic English and computer skills (I hope there are no typo's in this advert)
  • Good Communication skills are essential, some of the vets at Victory have colourful accents and speak really quickly, so this bar we will set low understanding that it takes a while to acclimate to a "Souf Afrikan" accent.
  • Care and compassion for pets, clients and your colleagues are a must, being mindful will be rewarded with lunches and snacks!

The position will entail medical and surgical duties, TLC nursing duties, Intensive care, translation and customer services, as well as internal hospital duties and responsibilities. Salary will be commensurate with experience and performance (including jokes). The salary is very competitive and there will be additional opportunities to advance further if you would like to grow your knowledge base.

Included benefits are Health insurance, yearly production bonus, overtime pay, monthly commission, annual leave and continuing education (AIRC). We hope to hear from you as you make a choice to work happily ever after. All information collected is for recruitment purpose only. Please email your full resume to