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(Posted 7 November 2019)

Consulting Veterinary Surgeon

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ross Christopher Elliot, will be available for consultations and surgery procedures from November 11th to November 16th at Victory Animal Hospital, Mong Kok. Dr. Ross is a registered veterinarian in Hong Kong and is a registered South African Veterinary Surgical Specialist. He is however not registered in Hong Kong as a specialist surgeon

Dr. Ross Elliott Graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2005. He then entered into a surgical residency at the Bryanston Veterinary Hospital through the University of Pretoria. He completed his residency in small animal surgery in 2011. During this time he completed a dissertation in the surgical CT anatomy of the canine abdomen, which produced 2 publications in Veterinary Surgery. Ross has been working as a specialist surgeon at the Bryanston Veterinary Hospital for the last 6 years as a specialist surgeon.

During this time he has produced multiple publications in international journals. These include an article on successful treatment of a double chambered right ventricle in a dog under cardiopulmonary bypass.

Ross's main surgical interest lies in total hip replacement surgery, cranial cruciate ligament surgery, elbow dysplasia and medial shoulder instability in canines, new ways to treat patella luxation in dogs, advanced spinal surgery (especially in large breed wobblers), urogenital surgery, and portosystemic shunt attenuation. Dr Ross is doing Total Hip Replacement surgery and is available for evaluation and assessment of patients for this as well as for the procedure itself.

In the last 6 years of referral work Ross has attended an advanced arthroscopic course in Munich, a complete course in linear and hybrid fixation using the Imex systems, a microvascular surgical course and a Biometric stifle and a BioMedtrix hip replacement course and is certified specialist in all these procedures.

Ross is happy to help with any surgical referral and prides himself on excellent patient care and compassion with feedback to the referring veterinarians.

Please call Victory Animal Hospital on 27110332 to make appointments/for further inquiries.