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(Posted 14 August 2019)

Veterinary Surgeon Required

Dr. Hugh's Veterinary Hospital is seeking to employ a Veterinary Surgeon with at least some the following attributes.

  1. At least 3 years small animal clinical experience.
  2. Competence and confidence in soft tissue surgery.
  3. A reasonable level of competency in abdominal ultrasound. Competency in cardiac ultrasound would be a bonus.
  4. Post graduate qualifications or areas of special interest would be welcome.
  5. Either knowledge of, or an interest in learning about, rabbits, chinchilla and guinea pigs.
  6. An excellent client manner and a service oriented attitude.
  7. An ability to supervise and work well with nurses both senior and junior.
  8. A demonstrable enthusiasm for the science and practice of veterinary medicine and surgery.
  9. A thirst for professional development.
  10. An unquenchable sense of humour.

The salary and conditions package for such a rare individual will of course be generous.

Please reply with resume to