The HKVA is an officially recognised professional association for veterinarians in Hong Kong.

The Aims of the HKVA are:

  • To maintain professional standards of veterinary surgeons in Hong Kong through Continuing Education, Codes of Ethics and Advisements.

  • To facilitate professional and social interaction between veterinary surgeons in Hong Kong.

  • To enhance the role of the veterinary profession to the general public.

Latest News

Local CE Seminars, Congresses & Workshops

Workshop: Advancing Human & Animal Health and Welfare
20 & 21 April 2015

Ultrasound Workshop I: Fundamental Abdominal Scanning
Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Ultrasound Workshop II: Advanced Abdominal/ Interventional/ Orbital/ Musculoskeletal Scanning
Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th April 2015

Echocardiography in small animals:- a "taster" workshop
Monday 27th - Tuesday 28th April 2015

How the imaging modalities - CT/MRI can help the general animal clinic in daily practices?
Monday 27th April 2015

2 evenings of Internal Medicine Lectures and a Hands-on Endoscopy Lab with a world-class supervisor
7th-9th May 2015

Stress Management Workshop: The Veterinary Profession as an Illustration
Thursday 7th May 2015

Classified Ads

Positions Vacant: Veterinarian
Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic
(Posted 17 Apr 2015)

Positions Vacant: Full-time or Part-time VA and Receptionist
(Posted 16 Apr 2015)

Two Positions have come available
Victory Animal Hospital
(Posted 16 Apr 2015)

VSH Hong Kong Seeking First Intern Class
(Posted 15 Apr 2015)

Positions Vacant
Biorecovery Veterinary Mobile Services
(Posted 14 Apr 2015)

Full-time (or Locum) Veterinary Surgeon
(Posted 13 Apr 2015)

Positions Vacant: Anatomic pathologist and Clinical pathologist
(Posted 10 Apr 2015)

Position Available - Full-time Veterinarian
(Posted 08 Apr 2015)

(Posted 08 Apr 2015)

Vet Clinic for Sale
(Posted 08 Apr 2015)

Positions Vacant: Assistant Veterinary Hospital Manager
Pets Central
(Posted 02 Apr 2015)

Australian IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture Course 2016
(Posted 02 Apr 2015)

Wanted: Enthusiastic Veterinary Surgeons
(Posted 02 Apr 2015)

Wanchai Animal Clinic - Ophthalmology Cases
Wanchai Animal Clinic
(Posted 02 Apr 2015)

Full Time Veterinary Surgeon
(Posted 01 Apr 2015)

Dermatology Referrals - Reminder
(Posted 31 Mar 2015)

Veterinary nurse position
(Posted 30 Mar 2015)

EMS Medical Bags for sale
(Posted 24 Mar 2015)

Positions Vacant
Conservation of Earth and Animals Association
(Posted 24 Mar 2015)

Veterinarian Wanted
(Posted 23 Mar 2015)